Topaz Digital Sign and Hand Sanitizer

Topaz Digital Sign and Hand Sanitizer

Topaz Digital Sign and Hand Sanitizer Topaz Digital Sign and Hand Sanitizer Topaz Digital Sign and Hand Sanitizer

Keep Your Staff and Customers Protected

The world has changed in just the past month and it is important now more than ever to protect people from viruses and other germs! To learn more about how the Top Digital Digital Display with Hand Sanitizer can help your golf course click on the button below!

PGS Tees

PGS Big Cup Tees

 The PGS Big Cup Golf Tees are sure to give golfers longer, straighter drives and consistent ball height. The Big Cup Tees are made from high quality plastic, to last a lot longer than old-fashioned wooden tees.  The tees are 3.25" long and available in Orange, Red and Blue. Other colors available upon request.

PGS GOLF Drinkware

Stainless Steel Cups



Who We Are

PGS Golf is a 7-year old Professional Sales Agent firm providing demand ceation services for manufacturers in the golf industry. Our team has over 100 years of industry experience that covers every aspect of golf. This includes clubhouse management, golf course maintenance, fleet management, sales and marketing, general manager and PGA Golf Professional.

Our territory is all courses in the USA and Canada and provide products and service for Private Courses, Resorts, Semi-Private Courses and Public Courses. We even branch out to Tennis Venues like the the US Open Tennis Open in Flushing Meadows, New York where we have provided Outdoor Digital Signage displays to show updated scoring.r

New Product Announcement - March 2020

PGS Golf is excited to announce the creation of the PGS Golf line of accessories.  This includes our our line of gloves, towels, drinkware, socks, underwear, shirts, rangefinders, sunglasses and umbrellas. 

PGS Golf has also created a division that provides corporate customers and golf courses with golf tournament gifts. This division adds customized and logo products such as divot tools, tees, drinkware, bags and much more. Look for a separate announcement soon on this division. 

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