draftserv beverage dispencing system



 Since their inception in 2007 the company has grown and has placed systems in golf courses, restaurants, stadiums, cruise ships, and arenas all around the country as well as an expanding global market. They have extensive experience building self serve modular mobile beverage systems. With an in-house development team DRAFTSERV has developed its Beverage Operating System (BevOS), that can be used to manage any beverage dispenser as well as a single point cloud based BevHubsolution.


By leveraging live pour data DRAFTSERV are providing customers the visibility and control that has been lacking in the beverage industry. DRAFTSERV works with retailers, brands, and equipment companies to convert standard dispensers into intelligent, connected and integrated operating systems that deliver real time feedback and insights to operators.

Increase Your Profitability with DRAFTSERV


  • Decrease overall staff, while increasing personalized customer engagement
  • Manage inventory and have comfort knowing that drinks aren’t being “given away”
  • Double your consumption profit. Self-service customers, on average, are proven to consume twice as much volume than traditional full-service customers.
  • Increase keg yield from industry average of 75% to DraftServ average of 96%


Significantly increase profit. Gain full visibility & control into draft beverage dispense allowing real-time data collection, remote control via mobile device and dashboard reporting. Engage, captivate, and satisfy your customers. Rely on 24/7 technology support and continuous advancements. Any type of authentication method available. Systems easily integrate with customer guest management or POS systems. 

Industry Testimonial - Sean Parisi- Constellation Brands

"This technoloogy is much more than a novelty. We've seen great fan response to the benefits of being able to customize their pour size and the amount they want to spend per serving. When we combine the back end reporting capabilities, metered flow controls and improved yields on top of the innovative fan experience, we believe this may be the biggest game changer we've seen in the draft beer category."

Where is DRAFTSERV being used?

For the past three years DRAFTSERV has worked with the PGA of America to install our beer displensing systems. The three sights included Bethpage Black, Bellerive and Quail Hollow.

The system was also used at the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine to great fan fare.

DRAFTSERV - for BIG and Small Venues!

Although we have outlined some very large and great venues the DRAFTSERV Beverage Systems are equally great for smaller venues like the River Club outside of Atlanta. These systems are used for multiple events such as club tournaments, weddings, championships, parties, special events and more.