Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 - NEW 3,000 Watt Mot


Fat Tire "Premium Cruiser 3.0" Golf Scooter

Fat Tire "Cruiser Premium 3.0" Electric Golf Scooter features NEW 3,00 Watt motor giving the most hill-climbing torque of any golf scooter on the market!.  It features regenerative braking to slow the scooter on the downhills and send energy back to the battery for longer life. It also allows us to set the speed at 1 mph increments to fit your course requirements. 

Fat Tire Electric scooters are extremely easy to ride. If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride the Fat Tire Golf Scooter. They are very lightweight, "turf friendly", and are considerably less damaging than a traditional golf cart. (1/4 the weight)

Fat Tire "Cruiser Premium 3.0" Electric Golf Scooter also has an exclusive "easy up" kick-stand with large, flat plates to protect the grass and offer great stability when parked.

It takes about 6 hours to fully charge 72 volt 20 Ah Lithium Ion battery. "Cruiser Premium" has a run time of 36+ holes, however, that can be less depending on rider weight and the terrain of the course. The "quick-swap" feature allows you to swap out the battery without any tools in just a few seconds so we recommend swapping the battery between rounds for optimum performance.

There are three-speed settings on all Fat Tire Golf Scooters. Although speeds will vary depending on rider weight and terrain, the approx. speeds are 12mph, 16mph, and 25mph. Thanks to Premium Controller, you can also set your scooter at any custom speed between 10mph - 25mph. All Fat Tire Golf Scooters are designed for one person, weighing up to 320 lbs.

Although we recommend avoiding obstacles and being extremely careful in the rain, the Fat Tire Golf Scooter is designed to be used in wet conditions. The Fat Tire Golf Scooter is the only one on the market with the battery and electronics located under the seat instead of in the floorboard. This offers much greater protection from the elements.

Fat Tire "Premium" Cruiser Includes

  •  Heavy Duty Golf Bag Holder
  • Sand bottle for divot repair
  • Drink holder
  • Scorecard and pencil holder
  • Tee holder
  • Removable, "quick-swap", battery pack
  • Charger (Standard 110v outlet)
  • Battery voltage display
  • LED headlight

Fat Tire "Premium Cruiser" Features

  •  Powerful, High-torque Waterproof Motor
  • Lithium Ion "Quick-Swap" battery
  • Center stand with large bottom plates to protect turf and allow stable parking
  • Front and Rear Suspension for a smooth ride
  • Large, well-cushioned seat for added comfort
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum bag holder, holds even large Tour Bags
  • Handlebar mounted platform holds scorecard, pencil, tees, small items, balls, and a drink

Fat Tire "Premium Cruiser" Specifications

  •  Dimensions:  72" long (85" with bag holder attached) x 30" wide x 46" high
  • Wheel Base:  52"
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Motor: 1200w
  • Battery: Lithium Ion "Quick-Swap"
  • Charging Time: 6 - 8 hours
  • Run Time: 18 holes or more (dependent on terrain and rider weight)

Be Like Bubba Watson!

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