golftap - ad player and phone charger


About the GolfTAP Ad Display and Phone Charger


The GT-835S/SD are multi purpose digital advertising displays with phone charging capabilities. 

The units are available in single sided or dual sided displays for increased viewing area. Customers will be able to view your content and advertising while  also charging their smartphone device. The units are capable of charging both iPhone and Android devices! 

The units are available in three different colors. Jet black, white and wood grain finish. These colors help the units fit in like furniture in your venue! 

Features and Benefits of the GolfTAP Displays

  •  Ability to advertise your Golf Course specials 
  • Charge for the advertising space on the units (If applicable)
  • NO Power Outlets needed as the units run off the internal battery for a full days use.
  • Update content via Wi-Fi enabled software. Change content from any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Built-in cables and USB ports for charging multiple smartphone devices.
  • Units quickly charge overnight
  • Clear and bright HD displays that play images and videos!
  • Security - Cable lock or Table Top Fastening

Real World Placement of The GolfTAP

The GolfTAP (Table Advertising Station) units are perfect to position throughout your golf facility. These include but are not limited to:

  • Front Lobby
  • Pro-Shop
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Wedding (Dinner Table)
  • Half-Way House
  • Driving Range Counter

GOLFtap player and phone charging station

GolfTAP Player and Phone Charging Station from EI BILLBOARDS