Kenz USA Golf Gloves

Kenz Golf Gloves

Kenz USA Golf Gloves

Kenz USA markets golf gloves to companies wishing to create their own golf glove brand or those wishing to create a separate golf glove brand. in North America.

About Kenz Industries

Kenz Industries is based in Indonesia where they have been manufacturing golf gloves world-wide since 2011. They are able to do small run (250-1,000) to very large run (10-20,000) units at a time. This gives Kenz the ability to be extremely price competitive while producing quality and innovative product designs.

Kenz Products

Kenz produces three core products. These include the following:

  • 100% Cabretta leather gloves
  • Combination Cabretta leather and  Synthetic 
  • 100% Synthetic gloves

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