Unique and Functional Promotional Product

PGS BBQ Scraper

Looking for a unique promotional product for your pro shop or golf tournaments?

Check out the PGS BBQ Scraper! Its made from cedar wood and will last at least as long as your BBQ will. Custom brand with your golf course or corporate logo. (MOQ 48 pieces) 

BUY 72 pieces and we will outfit your shop with a POP display!

Why Cedar BBQ Scrapers?

Why Buy The PGS BBQ Scraper?

They’re a stylish, safe, Canadian-made alternative to wire brush scrapers. And caring for them couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do to keep it in great shape is clean it with soap and water and re-apply butcher block oil (or cream) once or twice a month.

The PGS BBQ Scraper is the safest, most effective, natural grill brush that isn’t a brush at all. The PGS  BBQ Scraper is a better alternative to traditional wire-bristle BBQ brushes. Eliminating the danger of wire bristles and melted plastic toxins from being consumed. The PGS BBQ Scraper cleans your grill more effectively than traditional brushes.


What is a Bristleless BBQ Scraper?

Instead of wire bristles, the PGS  BBQ Scraper is made of natural Cedar, handcrafted in  Canada. It cleans any grill grate. The beveled edge design allows the paddle to quickly conform to your grill. The thicker blade slows wear ensuring a long product life. Essentially, it is like a big hand held Canoe Paddle. It has a long handle so that you can keep a safe distance from the hot grill, and it starts off with a flat edge for the BBQ. Once your BBQ is hot (450-500F) you will then start to scrape like you would with a bristle brush.

$29.85 MSRP (CAD). 

Contact us today for a custom quote for your golf tournament or to sell in your pro shop!