PGS Lithium Replacement Packs for Golf Carts


PGS Lithium Battery Packs

PGS replacement lithium (LiFePO4) battery packs are great for your existing golf cart when your batteries need replacing. Lithium batteries provide golf courses with a host of benefits when installing our new all-in-one battery packs! 

These benefits include:

Longer Life – typical sealed lead acid batteries have a lifetime of roughly 500 charges. The new PGS battery pack will last between 4-5,000 charges meaning they will last about 8-10 longer than sealed lead acid batteries (Trojan)

 •Lighter – the PGS batteries are about 1/3 the weight of the current sealed lead acid batteries. (110 Lbs Vs. 375 Lbs) This lighter cart means less stress on the grass and a quicker more powerful cart to go over hilly terrain.

No maintenance on Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries contain NO fluids. As such, you don’t have to check and see if you need to add water in the receptacle. You also do not nee to worry about removing rust since it doesn’t corrode.  •High-Power Battery. Lithium batteries are more powerful than seal lead acid batteries. They also discharge energy faster than any other battery making them the battery of choice for golf carts in many parts of the world. 

Much more cost effective over time. Purchasing the PGS Lithium battery packs save golf courses money over time when you consider not having to spend hours of labor maintaining the batteries. Lithium batteries last in many cases the life of the cart.